Pu'u Honua o' Honaunau, 

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Two things, ALL readings are by phone.   The emotions of the living are too big of a distraction. And number two,  no other way to put it, I am dying. My cancer has gotten ahead of me, and it you want a reading I suggest you get on the wait list as soon as possible. Right now it isn't very long because I wasn't doing readings for awhile. I do the readings on the days that I am feeling well.  So,  if you wait, it might me too late.  I may be alive a year from now or more, but I don't know--God knows.  And the number of days I can read for people are limited.

My beloved clients who have already requested readings are first, then you would be placed on the list.   I kept this information confidential as long as I could since I wanted no pity.  For more about me you are welcome to look at the New Spirit Journal orange button below.

I am an evidential medium.  The "evidence" comes in forms of information the deceased give during the readings that can only come from them.  The best readings are when there is a clear, loving tie between the person asking for the reading and the person who has passed on.  Those are the best readings ever! 

I also give ANGEL READINGS where the angels who take care of you and guide you get a chance to give you a one on one talk about how things are going and what we can do to make life better!!!

   See "Pricing" page for hourly rates.

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I speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves

Trisha Mahi

Archangel Gabriel

 Archangel Raphael
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