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I speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves

 Archangel Raphael
( The Angel of Healing)

About Me  I had my first angelic encounter when I was a very sick child.  A beautiful being lit by a bright light came into my room.  The next morning I was miraculously cured when I awoke the next morning.  We played games as a child based upon building psychic abilities like hiding a can of peanuts and finding it. 

My aunt had walls of books on angels, psychic phenomena and all matters metaphysical.  So, now I am one of the three generations of psychics in my family.  Now that I am older, I have more time to share the gift of love, acceptance, guidance and peace that this gives me.  My quest now is to share it with you! 

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FIRST OF ALL, THERE ARE MANY OF US WHO ARE SHORT OF CASH RIGHT NOW.  NOBODY IS TURNED AWAY BECAUSE THEY ARE BROKE.  YOU PAY WHAT YOU CAN.  I DON'T TURN PEOPLE AWAY BECAUSE OF MONEY ISSUES.  THIS OFFER WILL CONTINUE FOR AS LONG AS I CAN AFFORD IT.  Short, Initial Consultations about how I can help are FREE!!!! Just give me a call for a reading of someone who has passed or just a LIFE TUNE-UP by the ANGELS!.  Clients Worldwide!! 808-938-2887Please read my Angel Talks, my weekly column in the "New Spirit Journal" 

Hello, my name is Trisha Mahi, and my wish is for you to have the best life that the world can bring you.  One of the ways that I can help is by shedding light in areas where there is little light to see from this earthly "side of the fence".    My specialty is channeling those who have died.  I am an evidential medium.  The "evidence" comes in forms of information the deceased give during the readings that can only come from them.  The best readings are when there is a clear, loving tie between the person asking for the reading and the person who has passed on.  Those are the best readings ever! 

I also give ANGEL READINGS where the angels who take care of you and guide you get a chance to give you a one on one talk about how things are going and what we can do to make life better!!!

 My readings  can be done via Skype or on the telephone.  I strive for truth.   My  angels are always non-judgemental and gentle.

E-mail me for an appointment at trisha@ihearangels.com or call 808 938-2887.

I am available weekends for the convenience of my clients who work during the week.  

I look forward to meeting you with love and kindness!

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Trisha Mahi

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