Archangel Gabriel

I Hear Angels, Psychic Medium Readings

I speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves

Look!!  I am still alive and loving my work!  This is fabulous.  I didn't think I would slide out of September 2016 and here we are!!!  I am so happy to be still serving my beloved clients in a positive way.  LIFE IS UNDERRATED!!! 

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Trisha Mahi

Pu'u Honua o' Honaunau, 

The Place of Refuge

I Hear Angels Spiritual Medium

 Archangel Raphael
( The Angel of Healing)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  ALL readings are by phone for the love of the planet and better accuracy.  And number two,  no other way to put it, cancer has gotten ahead of me but it is helping what I do in my work.   If you want a reading I suggest you get an appointment soon.  I do the readings on the days that I am feeling well.  And thank God, there are more of those now!!   I may be alive a year from now or more, but I don't know--God knows.  And the number of days I can read for people are limited.  The good news for you is that this brush I am having with the other side is making my work more rewarding because the love and good outcomes for my clients have become even more dear to me in a personal, loving way. 

   I kept this "cancer lady" information confidential as long as I could since I wanted no pity.  For more about me, you are welcome to look at the New Spirit Journal orange button below.

I am an evidential medium.  The "evidence" comes in forms of information the deceased give during the readings that can only come from them.  The best readings are when there is a clear, loving tie between the person asking for the reading and the person who has passed on.  This means YOU help make the reading great! 

I also give ANGEL READINGS where the angels who take care of you and guide you get a chance to give you a one on one talk about how things are going and what we can do to make life better!!!  These are life movers and great fun!